5-year training cycle
Limit of places 14

As part of learning this profession, students:

  • gain knowledge about the production, power supply, processing and use of electricity.
  • learn how to operate motors, generators and transformers.
  • learn to set up electrical installations – traditional and intelligent.
  • learn how to control heating, lighting and air conditioning using the Internet, tablet or smartphone.
  • gain skills in the field of installation and commissioning of machines and electrical devices based on technical documentation,
  • locating and removing damages to machines, devices and electrical installations, assembling and repairing control systems, regulation and protection of electrical machines and devices.


  • can obtain SEP qualifications (State Qualification Certificate in the field of operation and operation, assembly, maintenance and repair of devices up to 1kV).
  • can obtain a certificate entitling them to design, sell, install and maintain intelligent installations of the “Intelligent Building System” F & Home of the Polish manufacturer F&F.
  • can take part in workshops and training courses on Renewable Energy Sources and Lighting Technology.

One of the following extended subjects to choose from: mathematics, physics, computer science, geography, English

Language                       Study Mode
English                           I Language
German                         II Language
German                          I Language
English                          II Language


Two language groups enable the continuation of the level of foreign language teaching in primary school:

  1. group – English – advanced level and German – basic level
  2. group – German – advanced level and English – basic level

The school has a modern Workshop for the Assembly of Electrical Machines and Devices.
Professional education and apprenticeships are provided by the patronage of universities and large companies, such as: Poznań University of Technology, Enea Operator, Elektromontaż, Mikronika. Thanks to the cooperation with companies, young people have the possibility of direct contact with the best specialists in the industry and participation in laboratory shows of specialized engineering staff.

Electricity technicians are in demand on the labor market, they are guaranteed employment in the power industry.
Candidates are required to be in good health and have a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for the profession.
Graduates of this field of study can continue their education, especially at the Poznań University of Technology and other university studies.