5-year training cycle
Limit of places 28

As part of learning this profession, students:

  • they develop their technical and design sense.
  • acquire current knowledge in the field of robotization.
  • they follow technological innovations, becoming specialists in the field of automation of production lines and technological processes.


  • learn how to program controllers and industrial panels.
  • learn how to design automation systems and integrate control systems.
  • gain skills to operate and program industrial robotic stations.

One of the following extended subjects to choose from: mathematics, physics, computer science, geography, English

Language                       Study Mode
English                           I Language
German                         II Language
German                          I Language
English                          II Language


Two language groups enable the continuation of the level of foreign language teaching in primary school:

  1. group – English – advanced level and German – basic level
  2. group – German – advanced level and English – basic level

Professional education and apprenticeships are provided by the patronage of universities and large companies, such as: Poznań University of Technology, Veolia, INEA, PKP Intercity. Thanks to the cooperation with companies, young people have the possibility of direct contact with the best specialists in the industry and participation in laboratory shows of specialized engineering staff.

Currently, almost all industries are highly automated, and therefore automation specialists are and will be urgently sought by employers. We have educated many great professionals in this profession, we have experience and we know how to best prepare young people for a career in this industry. Graduates of this course will be prepared to perform the following professional tasks: assembly of devices and automation installations; commissioning of devices and automation installations; operation of devices and automation installations; technical inspections and maintenance of automation devices and installations; diagnostics and repairs of automation devices and installations.

Candidates are required to be in good health and have a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for the profession.
Graduates of this field of study can continue their education, especially at the Poznań University of Technology and other university studies.