About school

The Energy Technical School is a school with over 80 years of tradition that offers innovative education in the following professions: IT SPPECIALIST, ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN, ELECTRICIAN TECHNICIAN, ENERGY TECHNICIAN and AUTOMATIC TECHNICIAN. The study at the technical school lasts 5 years and prepares students to pass the matura exams and exams confirming qualifications in the profession. Candidates are offered to choose one of the following extended subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science, geography, and English.

Students, graduates and staff of the Poznań “Energetyk” are connected not only with positive energy, but also passion, ambition, open minds, technical sense, curiosity about the world, sensitivity to the needs of others.

“Energetyk” for many years it has maintained a high level of education, and the quality of education is demonstrated by, among others:

  • numerous successes of students in technical competitions (including the EUROELEKTRA Olympiad in electrical and electronic knowledge; the National Competition “Youth Energy”),
  • awards of the City of Poznań and the Prime Minister’s Scholarships for the best students,
  • high pass rate of vocational and matura exams,
  • Honorary badge of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province for the Energy Technical School for services to the Wielkopolska Province (October 2019).

In order to reliably prepare graduates to continue their studies at universities, and to freely enter the labor market, the School offers the opportunity to participate in classes at the Poznań University of Technology and organizes numerous subject trips. Wishing to provide graduates with a good start in their professional life, the School guarantees internships in renowned companies, including patron companies, such as: Enea Group, Veolia, Elektromontaż and Energotherm, PPHU Tel-Poż-System “ISKRA” sp. Z o. O. also: Fibar Group, Envirotech, Trend Control Systems, Mikronika, PKP Intercity, Mitsubishi Electric.

The impressive results obtained in vocational exams prove that our graduates are well prepared for the profession. The school is an Examination Center for all qualifications in educated professions. Technical school students also have the opportunity to obtain SEP qualifications up to 1kV. Bearing in mind the growing demand of the foreign labor market, the School places emphasis on the high level of teaching English and German and encourages students to participate in international programs, such as: Erasmus + and Aiesec. In addition, students are offered a 4-week internship in Spain under the PO WR program.

The undoubted advantage of the school is the modern equipment of laboratories and classrooms. Currently, the School has: WIFI, 4 modern computer laboratories (including microprocessor controllers), Laboratory of installation and operation of electronic devices, Laboratory of Siemens, TREND and MITSUBISHI logo drivers, Laboratory of Assembly of Electrical Machines and Devices, Laboratory of Electrical Power Engineering and Laboratory of Thermal Energy.

The SCHOOL is monitored and participates in the “Safe School” program. From September 1, 2010, the School has an electronic class register with access for students and parents.

Other advantages

  • Opportunity to participate in numerous industry trainings and obtain certificates, incl. in the field of Intelligent Electrical Installations, Building Automation, and Thermal Energy.

  • Opportunity to participate in competitions related to the technical industry (including: “Become a hero in your technical school”).

  • Opportunity to participate in social projects (cooperation with the Marrow Team; Christmas Eve for the Needy).

  • Possibility to participate in a driving license course.

  • Long-term cooperation with the Vocational Counseling Center for Youth in Poznań.

  • Intra-school educational and entertainment events (“Discoverers’ Night”) and involvement in extracurricular projects (including “Poznań Energy Day”; “Arena Profession”).

  • Activities of the sports, theater, photography sections, music group, and interest groups.

  • The rich and attractive offer to go out and school trips, including trips abroad.

  • Attractive prizes for the best students -> tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, drills, etc.

  • Learning to think analytically -> no more learning by heart!

  • Friendly staff with experience -> NO STRESS!

  • Convenient access and a charming neighborhood (Rusałka; Botanik) -> saving time!
    (Trams: 2, 7, 17, 18, buses: 50, 61, 82, 86, 91, 93, 95, 102 and suburban buses reach the Ogrody terminus).

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